Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bug Condo and Weta Woodshack plans in Week 9

Here is Amy's choice for an insect hotel for the Te Manawa Bug group 

                         This is the Bug Condo that we plan to make for our insect garden

We made lots of sketches like the one above and we filled the gaps with circles for bamboo and hay, bark, brick and pipes.

We boys are also planning to make a Weta-Woodshack for the homeless wetas in our native garden behind our classroom.

                    First we need to saw a piece of tree trunk into two like this picture above.

Then we need to chisel out a space or gallery for the weta to relax and sleep during the day when predators are out and about.

 Finally we need to drill a hole about 18mm for the weta to be able to enter and leave or exit his gallery.

When we are completed we plan to place Weta Woodshack in a warm and sheltered pole across from the Bug Condo. You don't want to place the two habitats too close to each other knowing that Weta will prey on the insects nextdoor.

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  1. I like how you explained how you made your Weta Woodshack, and am going to show this to the class at our school that are looking at making something similar. Well done, hope they get weta in them