Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sunscreen Rub with Levi, our care Bear

Daina modelling with Levi, the care bear's sunsmart glasses. "It looks cool on you, Daina," cheered the girls.

Last week at our school assembly we were the model class and so we won Levi, SPS's care bear.
So while he stayed in our class for a week, we got him some sunglasses and  SPF + 30 sunscreen to block out the harmful UV rays of the sun whenever he leaves the class to go to the hall for the assembly, once a week.  So we thought 'what is good for the bear must be good for us too.' 

So before handing Levi over to the next winning class. we decided to get some momentoos.
 "Smack!" we showered him with 100 kisses. We are going to miss you heaps Levi, but you will be in good hands in room 18 at SPS." 

Delta and Mose rubbing in sunscreen to care for the skin they are in.

Vai and Harishna are developing the right attitude in ensuring that they slip, slap  and  slop on sunscreen to keep safe in the sun.  

As for Khobi and Caleb, they sneer at the sun, " Ah! Ah!Ah! I've got you covered Mr Sun"


We felt so proud to be on stage beside the ERO ladies on the  bench at our school assembly in week 2.

We celebrated ERO week with a big  cheer!

Diwali, Indian festival of Lights

On Thursday 23 October 2014, Harishna came to school in her Indian outfit." I shall not describe it for you -you can view it for yourself" said Cortez.

Harishna didn't come empty -handed. She brought a diva or clay lamp with a cotton wool wick and some ghee or solid oil/butter. She also brought  some matches to light her lamp. Here is her diva.  "Is this where you get the name Diwali from, Harishna ?" asked the kids. Yep!

Guess who else wore their Indian outfit? That's right, its our teacher, Mrs Naidoo. 
She wore a dusky rose,  short Indian top and a long skirt that flowed like a river, to the floor. "You look lovely and tall in that Indian outfit" said all the boys, shyly.

Before Maths we all wanted to capture this for our class blogs. "Is it 'ALL about the 
BLOGs' ?" asked my teacher. "Yeees"! we answered in chorus.

Mrs Naidoo handed out some Indian fried doughnut balls and Harishna shared some sweetmeats called gulab jambos. They were yummy! 
"We love Diwali!" everyone cheered.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Being a Sunsmart person in Term 4

                                                             Room 15's Topic headings
                                               "Yo Sun, I got me covered, this summer."

  We always make sure that we wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect us from the bright shining sun. "We look cool in our protective gear, don't we Vai? said Mose.

We have being learning about The  Hauora concept of Wellbeing in Health.
The Physical wellbeing, the Mental or Emotional wellbeing, the Social wellbeing and the Spiritual wellbeing -which are represented by the 4 walls of the whare. 

We did a brainstorm of things that a Sunsmart person would do before he goes outside in the sun. Here are some of our ideas.

In the first week of term 4 we started off with a game of tag, as a warm up exercise before launching into the skills of touch, on the top field of our school. Our coach was a cool person who gave us clear instructions, Katie that was easy to follow in playing touch.

"Vai and I were practising to throw the ball sideways like this," said JT. "We kept on dropping the ball, and so we had to try 4 or 5 times to get our passes right." 
"Whatever you do, DON"T DROP the ball," said Mrs Naidoo. 
And guess what? We didn't!

Students caught in the act of Learning

                                           Students engaged in the learning process

Students in Diamond's Group (Stage 6) are working together to solve addition and subtraction problems using the number line strategy. 
From left- Teavali, Harishna, Cortez, Chloe and Ethar who are engaged in solving a subtraction problem on the number line.

Daina, Khobi and Maedana from Triangle's Group (Early Stage 5) are giving it a go, at jumping on the number line, to solve addition problems with 2-digit numbers.

Maedana, Pritesh and Cortez from Cheetah's reading group (Level 2) are checking in their guided text if they have all the main ideas in the correct sequence in their Retell. "We have also included the author's interesting technical words and phrases to our own vocabulary," said Pritesh.

Here's an example of our Retell on "Teamwork" from a chunk or paragraph in School Journal Part 2, 2007.