Sunday, 21 September 2014

Salsa Performance for Parents

    Our Salsa Dance Recital for the Parents in SPS hall in Thursday 17 September 2015.
Salsa Dance formation with Partners moving through the middle and outwards while doing the Merengue and Salsa steps.

We made pathways by separating ourselves from our partners and walking down the line through the middle and converging at the beginning of the lines until we met up again with our partners to do the Salsa steps. We loved doing the crazy cross-steps with our partners at the centre of our dance lines.

We enjoyed shimmering and shaking our shoulders with our partners.
 "I liked it when we were whirled or twirled around. At first I felt quite dizzy but then I learnt to focus on a specific spot on the wall after I was spun around, then I didn't feel dizzy," said Teavali.

All the parents cheered for us as we shimmered down the aisles to meet our dance partners. We felt so glad that we could make our Mums and Dads proud of us.

Thereafter we did our awesome Samoan Sasa which the sasa tutors taught us last week. We tried hard to sync all our percussion moves so that they blended in nicely. We felt proud that we had worked hard to listen carefully to the beat of the drums and do all the clapping and slapping in unison.

We ended our Salsa dance by sitting on our partners left knee with wide stretched arms  and we waved our hands out to greet our parents.
 "Ula !" the girls screamed together.

Our parents were amazed and fully engaged in our performance from wow to go! They were surprised at the things that we were able to do in Salsa dancing. "My Mum said that she was so proud of the way we danced all by ourselves," reported Daina, the following day in class.

Our Samoan sasa practice in our classroom

Our Samoan sasa recital in our classroom. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Our Rock 'n Roll Dance in class

 We were learning the complicated steps of rock and roll to share with others for our assembly presentation in our hall, on the 12 of September 2014.

 Alexis and Darryn from the middle school also joined us in our practise sessions at lunch time.

We were rocking to the beat of the "School Days" song and Mrs S. Naidoo was our dance coach. We had to learn to cross over with a partner and spin around 3 times without stopping. I'm sure you know what all this spiralling around would do to our heads. "I feel a little dizzy" said Chloe.

We also created a star step to make out rock dance interesting for the audience to enjoy. We practised a few times after lunch until we were ready to perform our rock dance at 1.30 that afternoon. "It will be fun sharing our old-fashion high energy dance with SPS" we all cried.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Come on! Put on your dancing shoes.

This time we're 4 real at SPS!

On afternoon we were really lucky to have a parent from the community volunteer to coach us on Latin American Salsa. Yes that's you, Helle. There you go again Emma and David, just keep on stepping up!

Off course the staff at SPS were all 4 it from start to end. Ariana, Dagmar and Glenis very quickly picked up the beat and stepped it out with guidance from Helle.

Just as well we have the photos to prove this spectacular moment in time or who will believe us?
Even our principal, Barbs and teacher aide,E from room 15, joined in the fun of stepping out. And what of Oriana and Maxx?  It seems that they have given themselves wholeheartedly to the sensational salsa beat. Way to go, gals!

As we let our feet find the rhythm of the Salsa beat in the heat of the afternoon sun, we could faintly hear the  1, 2, 3 pause 5, 6, 7 pause from Helle. What great stepping out on the side from Ambrose and Bron.

There is never a dull moment for the little dancers in room 15, who constantly surprise their teachers with their creative moves. 

Here the children are salsa dancing with a partner. The bar is set very high and children are expected to rise to the next level. The girls are quite taken up with their partners' support, when they are being twirled around. "Whatever you do just Don't let us fall."

The boys are becoming more confident at bringing their partners in and twirling them out cross-armed. "You make us feel so proud of you, guys.That looks so pretty," cry Helle and the teacher in unison.