Thursday, 5 May 2016

Teachers' Market Day to model how to "Make your idea pay"

  My teacher, Mrs Selvom Naidoo modelled how to set up a market stall to sell  a product

Preparations for Kulfi spiced Indian milk was done in the home kitchen the night before. 
The ingredients above were used- that is, 3 litres of milk with all the kulfi spices above plus 2 cans of condensed milk was added and the mixture was simmered for 1 hour on low heat.

Then the Indian spiced Kulfi mixture was poured into little containers and plastic ice cube trays to freeze in ice lollies.


Yeh! We're all Sold Out!

Counting out my total earnings at the end of the market stall sales which was just 20 minutes.

 Oh No!The IRD people, represesnted by Whaea Teri, are about to deduct taxes from my profits.

Here is how I worked out my own profits and tax deductions. 
 Total sales minus Cost  = Profits. We pay tax from our profits. 
So $83 (Total sales) - $30 (Cost) =  $53
Business entrepreneurs like myself would have to pay 40% of our profits. 
40% of $53 = $32
But lucky for me I didn't need to pay $32.00 tax because my market stall was at school and stall sales are exempt from paying tax. 

Awesome market day experience for us all.