Sunday, 26 May 2013

'How to make Puddles' - Evaporation and Precipitation Process in Nature.

Margaret and Kilipati share with therr buddies how puddles are made in nature.
Heavy rain clouds fall down as rain, which is known as precipitation. When the sun comes out and shines brightly during the day, all the water that had been collected in the puddles, begin to change their phase from a liquid state to water vapour which is a gaseous state.
As the WV rises it becomes cooler and then it changes its form back into droplets of water, to form clouds (condensation). When the cloud becomes too heavy it falls down as rain. This process goes on and on in nature and is known as the Water Cycle. 

Kilipati's aim is to find out what happens to puddles that are formed after the rain.

An inquiry group is writing their observation report after an experiment on condensation.

Procedural text - Sharing a sing-a-long with a tissue - box Ukulele in Room 15

Layla has followed a step by step procedural method on how to make a musical instrument with a tissue box, which she played to her buddies, as they sang along to the well-known tune of "You are my sunshine." She was able to confidently list what materials she had used to make her tissue box ukulele and explain the method of how she went about making the instrument.