Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Starting our Rugby World Cup Research in Week 10 of T3

Research on Rugby World Cup 2015
Room 12's country focus in the RWC was Wales.

Nancy's group chose an inquiry question on Wales and they worked well on the internet to find  information  to answer their own question.

Francois and Kaleb's group members worked in small groups to find out about the players' uniform and gear from Wales.

We were fortunate to have Daina's Mum, Helli to support us in our inquiry research.
Thank you Miss Helli. 

Creating Math Games like Mult Magician and Factor Fingers in final days of Term 3

Here's the Mult Magician Game which we have created in our groups to revise our basic multiplication facts.

 This Multiplication Game is called Mult Magician by the teacher.

  The second Multiplication Game is called Factor Fingers by Bryan Nov. 

The third Multiplication Game is called Tunnels and tubes by Bella Pham.

Monday, 14 September 2015

We say farewell to Mr Adam Powell our favourite student teacher.

Room 12 developed a caring and awesome relationship with Mr Adam Powell who visited our class on Tuesdays in terms 2 and 3.

"Thank you Mr Powell for doing such interesting learning activities in inquiry," said Kaytana and Kaleb.

Mr Powell taught us the power of us being in the driver's seat of our learning and spreading our wings like a crane to soar up higher and higher in our learning levels in Maths and Reading.

We made interesting origami cranes which we threaded together to make a hanging mobile for our classroom in our inquiry groups. This was a fun activity and we enjoyed it. 

Look at our paper crane mobile hanging on a wire. This is just beautiful. Thank you Mr P.

"We will really, really miss you heaps Mr Powell. We wish you the very best in your next school. And we hope that the  kids love you as much as we do," cried all the children from room12.

"Good Luck Mr P and have a wonderful time in your next teaching class. You are the best student teacher," said the boys.

Costume designing group in Te Manawa in Week 9

                                               Our Costume designers at work in room 12

Emily and Launa-Jean worked on the feathered-cloak of Dame Whina Cooper. They laid the feathers in neat rows and used the glue gun to attach them to the blue material.

Noema, Khyani and Launa-Jean working on old black T-shirts for the poor Harriet Tubman's family.

Piata and Estelle-Eve worked together as a team to make interesting patterns on an old black T-shirt for the Te Manawa actors.

Alio and Rylah used coloured pens to create patterns on the black Tees.

Daniel, Clyde and Khyani worked together by sharing the jobs in their costume designing group.