Monday, 29 February 2016

Roof garden bird boxes made at Botanic gardens in Term 1

"Look! Here are our green-roof garden bird boxes" said Katriona and Sela

                   Caroline told us how important it is to plant trees to soak up the raindrops.

              She showed us how the rainwater soaks into the ground to help the grass to grow.

We went to see the awesome green roof garden above the toilets. "Cool !" said the students.

                      "Caroline was giving us instructions of how to make a bird box" said Darren.

"See how busy our group was while we were making the bottom and sides of the bird box" said Brandon's group.

We used some interesting tools to help us to make the bird boxes.

Maitland and Leoni are helping each other in our group to make our green roof garden.

Haniel and Francois are hammering the two pieces of wood in the vice.

                                       "Here is our completed roof garden" said Salote

                                           Look! Here we are giving the Kiwi- lady a warm hug.

                                                    This is a warning sign to not step on me.

Pleeeease do not feed me!

Friday, 12 February 2016

Bonding activities "At the End of the Day" in Week 2

                        Bonding Activities  "At the End of the Day" on Fabulous Friday

This is the book that inspired us to do some bonding activities to form good relationships in our class. Seeing that we have lots of children in our class who come from different cultures and who speak different languages at home, we decided to do an activity to get to know them in  a fun way.                                      


First Sela from our class picked out a book  called "At the End of the Day" for our teacher to read to us. We liked how the kids were having heaps of fun even at the end of the day.

So Sela told our teacher "We would  like to do a massage circle like the kids at Albany School." And our teacher said "Sure thing". And so we got into a funny sort of circle that wasn't really round by wiggling closer to form a train. That was really funny.

As our teacher read the instructions to us we followed it. We had to  be in time to do each move. Some of us helped our buddies who were finding it hard to do the actions in the massage circle.

We did pitter-pat rain drops on our partner's backs. First we started off gently then we did it harder. We laughed out loud. My teacher said try to laugh quietly or mime it. Miming was not as much fun as lol. Then we drew fluffy clouds. That was a bit tigglesh so we giggled and wiggled.

When Francois's Mum came in to get him, we invited her and Sahil's Mum to watch us  do our famous massage circle activity. What a way to end the second week. 
I wonder what fun thing we might do next week?

Monday, 8 February 2016

Welcome to Room 22's first week

                                                Small change for me Big change for all
                                                                                           from room 22

Here are our personal profiles of who we are.

"I want to know why the Maori people celebrate Waitangi Day?" asked Keleni in week 1.

All the groups in our class presented their research on the Treaty of Waitangi.  
Avatars group made  a question on why the maori people celebrate Waitangi Day to  present to the class. 

We in Kingkong  asked questions about who were the groups of people that signed the Treaty of Waitangi and here are our responses to those questions.

Kids from Cobra's group asked questions about why the maori were unhappy with the terms of the Treaty.

We in Tapout wanted to know what role the Waitangi tribunal played in solving some issues between the 2 groups to bring about some peace among them.

We are still working through the article to come to some understanding of the main issues in the Waitangi Treaty.