Saturday, 4 February 2017

Act of Kindness to our school environment from Room 15 in week 1 Term1

                 Act of Kindness from our Kaitiaki in tidying up the Planter box gardens 
On Thursday after lunch our class split up into 2 groups, one group went off to uproot the mature and old silverbeet plants in the planter box garden and the other group went off to tidy up the pumpkin patch garden by removing the dried leaves.

The silverbeet group called themselves the Silverbeet Knights because we are the kaitiaki on a mission to do an Act of Kindness by clearing out the old to make space for the new seedlings or plants.

 The pumpkin patchers wanted to be known as the Pumpkin Warriors who were the kaitiaki for looking after the pumpkins.
We use some scissors to clip off the yellow and brown leaves off the pumpkin vine to help it grow healthier. Soon we will have to harvest the pumpkin. 
 Lucky for us we have the help of E, who is our awesome teacher aide who supports us in our learning in class.
 Everyone pitches in to give a hand as a way of showing their Act of Kindness to the environment and school. "What  great team spirit among you guys!" calls out the teacher.

Everyone was seen in their place and there was a place for everyone 
as kaitiaki in their  Act of Kindness to their special place at SPS.

Putting in our very best effort because we love our special place as kaitiaki of the land.

Get up, Stand up, The time is now! in week 1 2017

 Leisure Reading and Hub site time in week 1 in Term 1 2017
 Our class reading couch is a special place to chill out and enjoy our reading.

We get to choose what we want to read about in our special place.

We know how to care for our learning resources, tools and books in our classroom which is our special place.

 We get to read the books that matter to us and listen to our buddies read to us in our special place.

 I also get to read chapter books that interest me all by myself.
I love this special learning place in school.

We can read with a special friend and share our ideas too.

We are lucky to get the help of another special adult to jump onto the Hub websites. 
Thank you Whaea Esther for showing us how to explore new things in our special place. 

First week back in 2017 Get up, Stand up The time is Now - with Room 15

                                  Get up, Stand up: The time is Now -  with Room 15 in week 1

Our Act of Kindness in getting to know each other in our class was to make a huge massage circle and give each other a big hug. 
                               Welcome to our awesome learning circle for 2017 everyone! 

                             Hope we have a great learning experience because the time is now!