Sunday, 6 December 2015

Fitness Prototype models using Action Reaction forces

                                              Room 12's Fitness Prototype models for 2015

Tapout's prototype fitness model, the Multibars, was selected to be made into a real fitness equipment 4 the fitness course at SPS . 
To use the MULTIBARS you will have to hold onto the ropes that are attached to the two bars which is found on either side of the fitness structure. 
You will need to use your arms to pull your upper body as you do the pull-ups. 
And to do the sit-ups you will need to put your feet on the first step of the four-stepped ladder and lift your upper body up and down several times, until you feel a tightening pain in the tummy muscles.
Now to do the push-ups you will need to hold onto the bottom step and lift your upper body while  resting your toes on the ground. Do this several times until you feel a slight pain in your Abs muscles.

3D Handstand Bars is Kingkong's  prototype fitness model. 
To use this equipment you will need to sit on your haunches and hold onto the handlebars and lift  your body by bending your knees. To do the sit-ups you will need to lie on your back (on the cushy-mat) with bent knees. Now place both your hands behind your head and lift your upper body up and down several times until the muscles around your tummy feels sore.

                                                     Wonder Wall is Avatar's prototype fitness model.
 To use this equipment you will need to grab onto a rope that is attached to the Wonder Wall and climb up by pulling on the rope with both your hands. Use your feet to climb up the wall, step by step. To come down the wall, hold onto the rope and slowly walk  down backwards  until you get a painful feeling in your Abs muscles.

                                                       Super sit-ups is Cobra's prototype fitness model.
To use this equipment you will need to lie down on the ground, clasp your fingers together behind your head and  put your feet inside the Footbox. Then lift the upper body several times up and down, until your tummy muscles feel a bit sore. When your tummy muscles hurt you know that you are doing it right. Always remember to STOP when it hurts a lot.