Wednesday, 24 June 2015


The reading groups were very excited to present their learning in front of the whole class. 

They were -


Enthusiastic ‘ELEPHANTS’

Charming ‘CHEETAHS’

Terrific ‘TIGERS’

We picked out names from a jar to decide who will go first  (to keep things fair).

Picking out names from a jar

Terrific ‘Tigers’
Enthusiastic ‘ELEPHANTS’


Charming ‘CHEETAHS’
After the presentation we asked students what they thought about their presentations. Here is what they had to say -


Sela – “We learnt to visualise this week. My next step is to buddy up and write down my ideas and share them”.

Clyde – “Our group presented went well because we were loud and clear.My next step is to read the story well”.


Ayush – “We are learning to visualise this week. We need to share more ideas. I don't like sad stories. So I liked the boy who cried wolf”.

Cherokee -  “I like learning on my own and visualise. I make a movie in my head when I read. I do not like to talk to people. So, my next step is to share ideas with a buddy”.

Kaleb – "I liked the story a lot. The actions in the story. I was absent for the presentation. But my group helped me with making a story sequence”.


Bryan – “We are learning to visualise and play it like a movie. Our group did well at talking clearly and staying very focused on our presentation. We need to stop wriggling and say it proudly. I need to not mumble when I read my bit”.

Bella – “We put all the events in order to play it like a movie. Our group did well by sharing a lot of ideas and contributing in our lesson. We helped each other and there was No BULLYING. Our next step is to stop giggling and stay focused. I think we played up a bit”.


Daniel - “Our group worked very well and had good body language. We gave everyone equal parts and presented our work clearly”.

Angela – “It is important to tell the story in order. It is important to understand the different parts - Beginning, middle and end. Our next step is to share more ideas and describe a bit more”.
               By Archana Karve

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Managing Self Presentation for Week 9

                                     Fabulous Friday's Managing Self Presentations
                                                Room 12                                    
KC for managing self

Room 12 has been working very hard to ‘manage themselves’ in week 9. They have been focusing on this particular key competency and reflecting on whether they have been successful in this task or not. Some students spoke confidently about being able to manage themselves and working independently to take their inquiry learning in their own hands. They decided to provide evidence of this fact to the whole class by giving presentations about their ability to do research on their inquiry questions with enthusiasm. Look at what they had to say to convince us.

Inquiry question 1 Tapout 
“I wonder how we can use the ‘Hauora’ model to keep us fit and healthy”

We can use ‘Hauora’ to make room 12 a healthy space by keeping physically, mentally, socially and spiritually fit. We can do so by being positive, making wise food choices, exercising and being happy and truthful.

Inquiry question 2      Cobras
“I wonder how I can make my lunchbox healthy ?”

We need to bring healthy food in our lunchboxes. You can choose a heathy meal from the food pyramid. Healthy food will give you loads of energy and help you to be fit.

We need to bring healthy food like yummy sandwiches in our lunch boxes. You can put lettuce and tomato in your sandwich. Remember to eat healthy as it will help you to fight diseases. NO JUNK FOOD in your lunch box.
-      - BELLA

Inquiry question 3  Avatars        
I wonder what exercises or fitness I can do to get stronger arms.”

We need to exercise every day. Running, jogging, squats, burpees and swinging on the monkey bars will help you to be fit and strong.
-      ANGELA

We need to exercise to be fit and strong. By doing pushups, playing sports and running you can be fit. Even doing housework will keep you fit. With exercise also eat your vegetables and fruits to be strong and fit.
-  - BRYAN

Inquiry question 4  Kingkong  
 I wonder how does sugar give us diabetes?”

Too much sugar is bad for us. It causes diabetes. It is bad for our growth and development.

Room 12 listened attentively to all the presentations and gave them some useful feedback (what they did well) and feedforward (where to /next step).

Fotu to Angele: I liked how you made a powerpoint presentation about Haoura and explained it to us.

Ayush to Nancy: She was loud and clear.

Daniel to Bella: I liked how she told us about the ingredients to make a healthy sandwich.

Kaytana to Angela: I liked the way she presented. She was expressive.

Shadrach to Bryan: I like how you said housework to be fit and healthy.

Imran to Daniel: I like the way you listed all the important things about sugar being bad for us. It was valuable.

After much decision, at the end of the presentations they voted for the best one –
Winner: Angele’s ‘Haoura’ powerpoint .

All in all it was an exciting week for room 12.

 - Mrs Naidoo and Miss Karve (as facilitators only)


WEEK !  





Saturday, 13 June 2015

Fabulous Friday's special events for Week 8

                                                       Fabulous Friday's special events

 In week 8 we did statistics with Miss Karve, our student teacher. We talked about how to do a survey on a problem that we would like to find out more about. We all took part in answering questions. It was fun doing that activity.

 We worked in our inquiry groups and we talked about how to find information or data and how to show our information on a graph. We knew about picture graphs and bar graphs, but we liked how we can think of a problem and collect information like tally tables to tell more about it at our level.


Later in the day we did an awesome fitness dance activity in which Miss Karve modelled some cool moves. 

That was a fabulous fitness lesson in which we all participated in to exercised our muscles.

 At 1.30 on Friday afternoon we sat in the school hall and watched Room 1 with Miss Savidan and Miss Naidoo, present their class assembly. We waited patiently for Mr C to be called on the stage to make his special announcement.

That was when, Miss Savidan and two students, Jaeda and Cassidy, who contributed the most funds to help those who suffer from Leukemia, began to cut off Mr C's hair bun and shave off his long hair. Some girls were crying or tearing in my class.That was a very kind thing to do for someone else.

The highlight of the assembly was, when Whaea Barb (like a fairy god-mother) turned the hairy old Mr C, back into a handsome and charming prince. "We love you, Mr C " all the children cried.

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sharing Assembly with SPS in Term 2

     Room 12's Assembly with their Rap and Courtroom Drama about body systems at war with                                                       each other, on 5 June 2015 in SPS hall.

                            The Nervous system said it was the BOSS of the body.
                       Judge Ouk was the presiding judge that was overseeing the case. 
                                               She was a a strict and no-nonsense judge.

                    All the body systems were fighting for supremacy to find out which system                                     was the most important one in the body.Therefore they needed a Judge to 
                                                                 make the decision.

When our assembly was over,we handed over the microphone to Miss Naidoo from room 1,                                                    which was the class for next week's assembly.

We had to do a lot of background rehearsals like what you see Kaytana, Bryan and Francios 
                                                                do in this picture.

             Kaleb and Brandon were learning off their parts to present the Sports News.
 "Kaleb, you, were very confident in your presentation of the sports award" said the boys.

Miss Archana Karve ,our student teacher and Zhara were working on the 
powerpoint presentation in the background.

      And off course Mrs Naidoo was the director who made us rehearse the onstage and ffstage                          scenes repeatedly, for a smooth transition during the assembly presentation. 
                 Phew! we worked so hard to bring all the parts together. We were the A-TEAM.
                        But the STAR of the show was our enthusiatic and talented Angele Ouk, who                                                             stole the hearts of the audience.