Friday, 13 March 2015

Shine and Share if you dare to be fair. Week 7

On Thursday 12 th March 2015 we in the middle school ot Te Manawa whanau dared to Shine and Share what we learnt about the World War 1 in 1914.

Our class created a play on how to deal with conflict in the classroom. We created a courtroom scene with Judge Ouk as the presiding judge who resolves the conflict where students fight after trading their cards with others. Judge Ouk listens to the witness and tries the case and quickly resolves the problem of trading, and brings about peace.

The student who played unfair is reprimanded and the victim is also told off for breaking school rules. Very quickly the judge manages to bring about PEACE.

Our Class Rap on how we work well as a team. Week 5

Our Class Rap

We love to Rap every morning in class. Our class rap reminds us to keep focussed and make wise choices throughout the day. It also teaches us to relate well to others and to be great role models in school. We have created some awesome actions to go with our rap. We take pride and give off our best when we share our rap. I love rapping with room 12 kids! 

Working out problems in Maths groups.

 Using Place Value knowledge to split up two digit numbers to solve Addition and Subtraction problems.

My teacher gives each pair a problem to work out with a buddy. We take turns to explain what strategy we used to solve the problems. This makes us active Math learners.

We are encouraged to take risks and use a variety of different ways to work out problems. There is no one way of solving a problem. It all depends on our basic fact knowledge.

Some of us sit and watch how others are solving a problem and then we ask them to go through the working again but slowly so that we can understand their way  of solving the problem.
"I like learning from my buddy" says Nancy.

Shadrach and Haniel play 'Bowl a Fact' game to revise and practise their addition and subtraction skills. Learning can be fun when you learn through playing games.

My teacher's letter to us- her students, in Week 4.

                            Introducing "Who I am?" to my students in Room 12

This is a letter that my teacher wrote to us about "Who she is?" She told us about her family and where she comes from. She also informed us about what she likes and what she dislikes. Gosh! she has so many pets you wouldn't believe. Pet lover- is what we call her.

What a character you are Mrs Naidoo! But thanks for sharing things about yourself and your family. Now I feel confident to share stuff about my family too.

After sharing  my teacher's examplar of Who she is, we did a Think Pair Share activity with a partner. I told my buddy about what I like about school and what kinds of foods I disliked. 
I think we have similar taste in sports but not in foods.

Guided Reading Week 3

                                                    Guided Reading Sessions

                                         How to make rich questions for a buddy to answer.

Can you read Nancy, Daniel, Angele, Kaytana, Brandon and Angela's questions? 

Softball Coaching sessions Week 2

                                          Softball Coaching Sessions with Room 12 students

Bryan as the batter and Vake is the back stop. Cherokee is the bowler and Francois and his team are the fielders.

Daniel is getting into position to hit the softball high in the air for his team members to make a home run.

There runs my teacher and our coach after hitting the softball far away.

 It really pays to work as teamplayers because everyone gets to take part and contribute to the game. What a great effort we made to work as a team!