Sunday, 25 May 2014

Follow-up Reading Activities to develop comprehension skills in term 2

Students in Elephant's group are busy with their reading activity. 
Delta, Nikita , Pilimilose, Kanye, Tupou, and Ananiel are reading at the Purple level
 (19 on the colour wheel)  
The Panther's group is working at 2P asttle level. They are learning to make connections with the text and their prior knowledge. Ethar and Tufele have shared their ideas with others in their group.

The Cheetah's guided reading group is working with Mrs Naidoo and they are learning to make inferences to find the author's hidden messages. The group is doing think pair share activity with a buddy before sharing with the group.

After the guided reading activity the students buddy read with their partners and practise their fluent reading skills. 

The Leopard's reading group is reading at the Yellow level. Mose and Vai are doing a simple story map with labels to help them retell the main events in order to share with the class.