Monday, 28 November 2016

Rehearsal of Pirate , Inquiry and Student Agency Songs for video shooting in Term 4

Here is how we rehearsed how to make our Song SING!
 First we sang the Buccaneer Pirate Song as rowdy pirates accompanied with  musical instruments which we made at home from recycled material like boxes and bottles.

 Then we created our Inquiry Rap lyrics from our research inquiries terms 1, 2, and 3 and added all of them to out term 4 's inquiry which is 'Sing Out for Change!'
 We worked in teams to made up an interesting and melodious  beat or tune for our Inquiry Rap to capture our audience 

 Then we added some gestures and actions like body percussion - clap and stamp- to add some excitement and fun.

We took on different roles to produce our "Sing out for  Change Rap !" 
Some of us were performers such as Captain Stickler, who is a real stickler when it comes to rules and tidiness on deck the Red Thorn pirate ship. As for her jolly pirate crew, Scallywag, One eyed Jack and Pegleg to name a few -live to  have fun in the sun while sailing on the high seas.
 Other students in class took on a variety of  roles such as background singers, drama script writers, costume designers, music instrument makers, time keepers and video shooters to  bring it all together. Yes! they worked together like A-Team.
We need to get our performance all- done and dusted - by Thursday 1 December 2016, and  have all the videos sent away to Hoyt's Cinema for practice trials. 
But guess what? 
Even as late as midday on Monday Maedana and Francois decided to find some instrumentals as background beat from Youtube.
"Oh when!  Oh when! will we be finished so we can celebrate how we made our Song SING!"

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Poetry and maths in class Wk 3

                         We learnt about Singing in our class with our new student teacher 
Our student teacher is Nicola Jarvie. She did some interesting soundscape activity with plastic cups. It was an awesome activity. 


We co-constructed a brainstormed about poetry with our teacher.
                                  Here is how we share our ideas in a Donut circle wit 3 prattle partners.

                                Diamonds group used materials to solve problems in Ratios at stage 6
 Here is how we solved a ratio problem with our teacher and buddies' help.

 Solving problems with Ratios were very tricky for most of our group members.
                            We do  Fractions in Maths in our modelling books with our buddies.

Using our senses to make poetry - week 3

                                          Using our senses to make poetry

We use our senses like smelling soap and flowers and leaves to motivate us to write interesting poems to captivate our audience.



Sunday, 16 October 2016

Sing out for Change Week 2T4

                                                    Celebrating your Family's favourite Music
Does your family have songs/music that is special to them? 

Could you please help your child to collect recycled packaging over the week to make musical instruments, such as tin cans, plastic or glass bottles, jars or containers, paper or plastic cups and plates or cardboard boxes e.g. cereal or snack boxes.

                     We had fun making music with materials from our classroom.

Monday, 19 September 2016

SPS Games Day Celebrations

         Today we celebrated our Olympic Games day with fun sports activities and chants

                                       Orange Team displayed the value of Determination


  We had fun doing Wheelbarrow relays with Mrs S. Naidoo from the Orange team on the field.

                                    It was very tiring but we enjoyed the relay activities.


Next we got into teams of  fours and we versed each other. There were 2 fifteen minute relay sessions for each colour team followed by a change to another colour team.
 This is how we took off from the start line.
 Here is how we handed the red, blue, green and black battons to our tag teams.

We had to remember to stay in our lanes and to hand over the battons quickly

to our partners- without dropping them. 

 The juniors relay runners were just as fast as the seniors

We had a fabulous SPS Games Day on Monday -with no rain to dampen our  champion spirits.