Saturday, 23 May 2015

Getting into shape for Winter

We got into our inquiry groups and Gave it a Go on the adventure playground.
                                                         See how we do it!

Watch us getting a grip up the climbing wall.

Hold on Clyde! I'm just behind you in the race.

"Down the fireman's pole we go!" cry the boys.

"Watch how Kaleb slides down!" calls out the group. 

                        "Here I go again," cries Noema, as she clings onto the chain monkey bars.

                                   "I'll get the monkey bar handle for you guys" says Shadrach.

"Watch me lunge for the Dizzy Dancers. I think I keep on getting better each time I have a go on these steering wheels ," cries Sela.

"Exercising and keeping fit can be a lot of fun" says  Elijah and Nancy.

                                       "Keep on trying, Never give up, Ayush" sings Vake.

Healthy sandwiches the Jamie Oliver style

                                                     2000 & Fit-teen health program

2 kick off our healthy eating programme we made yummy sandwiches the Jamie Oliver style in our class on Friday the 15 th May 2015.

While some children watched Jamie's video the others took turns to cut up the apples, carrots, cucumbers and capsicuims on chopping boards. We  had to practise first before using the chopping knife.

Then we prepared the herbs and sprouts and put them in 4 organic bowls. It was fun cutting up the salad stuff.

             We filled our own sandwiches. I wonder how this filled sandwich is going to taste?                          Kaytana

"This is just awesome and to think its loaded with only fresh veges that is good for me" says Kaleb.

                               " Mmmmmm! My sammy is crunchy and munchy too," says Noema.

                            Haniel: Its yummy in my tummy. I'm going to have one every day.

                                 Its sooo good!  Wanna taste, if you don't believe me.

               This is one loaded sammy. I can hardly get my mouth around it, thinks Imran.

                  I'm having fun keeping it all together, mainly the carrots and cottage cheese. Fotu

                          Vake: Sorry, I can't find the right words to describe my sammy, right now!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

2000 & Fit-teen's healthy eating in school

                                                                     2000 & Fit-teen
                                                         How can we make this place
                                                                   a Healthy space?

                           First we looked in our lunchboxes to find out if we bring healthy foods to                                        school.

                                 Our class survey showed that most kids in our class are aware of eating                                           healthy foods.

                                      That's a great start to keeping our bodies strong and healthy! 

Making Anzac Biscuits to remind us of Anzac

                                          Making Anzac biscuits in the Classroom

We worked in our inquiry groups to make Anzac cookies.

                                         Rhonda, one of our caring parent came to help us.


We laid out the cookies in rows of fives. "So what is six lots of five?" asked Mrs Naidoo.

                                    All of us knew the answer to that, "Thirty of course!"

                                           Then into the oven went the Anzac cookies, to bake for 15 minutes.

                    Thereafter we played a game called "Who stole the cookie from the cookie                                      jar".

                                                            First came Nancy

                                                                   Then sneaked in Noema

                                                                        Next crawled Daniel

                                                                  After that came Kaytana

                                                                   Next crept Thlua

                                                                  Next wormed in Shadrach

                                                                    And then tiptoed Sela

                                                          After that slipped in Lei

                                                              And next crawled in Francois

                                                            And next crept up Ayush

                                                                   And then came Sahil

                                 We all enjoyed eating the yummy Anzac cookies that we made.

                       Yep! Delicious, scrumptious and mouth-watering Anzac cookies tastes superb.