Saturday, 12 March 2016

Planning an Outdoor Classroom to nurture Nature learners in Week 6-7

                      Planning an Insect and Bug habitat niche to nurture Nature Learners
                        We in room 22 read about bees as being the main plant pollinators. 
Did you know that bees are the only insects that collect pollen from flower to flower to feed its babies (larvae) in the beehive. So according to research bees make up one third of all creatures that help pollinate plants. We all went "Wow!"


 We wanted to do the Nature Walk but my teacher said "Not in the rain, it will be wet underfoot and slippery." So we did this nature study in our class (all because we couldn't go out in the rain). 

My teacher made a booklet of some awesome activities we could do outside to find out how to create a "treasure trove" habitat to invite our native "cussies" to live in harmony alongside us.

We practised looking for main ideas while we were skimming and scanning. That's what we are learning in reading now. "I can find the main idea in this paragraph'" said Noema to her buzz buddy, Leoni.

We loved reading about how bees pollinate plants.

 What fabulous features bees have to do its job!

Then our teacher sketched a rough picture of a flower on the whiteboard and we helped to label the important parts that had to do with pollination.

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