Monday, 26 August 2013

Speech Finals and Exploring roles for our storyboard in Rm 15

The Senior school speech finals was held on the 19 th of August in our school hall. It was attended by middle and senior students, teachers and a few parents.There were 18 speakers in total and the audience were highly captivated by the humour and stamina of some of the of the speakers. What bold and courageous leaders for the future!
Brainstorming and Planning film scenes 
Darsha and Alexis's group were writing the scripts with dialogue for the boys' roles in the scene. 
Tanya and Margaret's group were discussing which problems to select to illustrate change in their group.

Nelson and Kilipati's group were deciding on the storyline or theme for their scene.


          Now what is Virgil and Armand plotting? From the looks of it, it's obvious that  they have their members well roped  into their story of change.

"I like it when our plan comes together," says Darryn.
"Yay! I  guess this makes us 'The A -Team', " adds Trey.
Next week's plan is storyboard-ing and exploring  roles of characters within their group.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Our water pledge in a little Raindrop

These are some of our water cycle drawings which were have done with chalk and dye.

These drawings are annotated to give information as well as a visual picture or image of the water cycle in nature.

The upward arrows show the process of evaporation in which water vapour in the form of gas, rises to higher levels in the atmosphere when the sun shines brightly in the sky. When the air becomes too cold the water vapour then changes its phase back into liquid water. But the water in the cloud stay up floating around because it is still very fluffy and light.  

When we look up, what do we see?  We see all the clouds gather together to become a dark mass of floating water in the sky. But then the clouds get really dark and heavy, and they fall as rain or snow. 

The sun causes the sea water and water from te rivers and lakes to change their phase/ form from liquid to gas or water vapour which is carried upwards in the air.

Forms of precipitation are rain, hail, snow, mist, dew and sleet.

Zoofari Triapse T3 Wk 1

News Bulletin - On Monday 5th August 2013 room 15 students, parents and teachers went on a Zoofari triapse to study how the water from Western Springs Creek is used and re-used for the specific purpose of sustaining the lives of zoo animals. Guess what? They got more than that!
Of course, the kids were delighted to see their primate relatives in their comfy enclosures of which they incidentently found out, were 97% like themselves. Now isn't this a small world we live in!

Its pointless walking around aimlessly without the use of a map to guide you.
"But we need some mapskills to orientate ourselves to find the orungatangs," cried Margaret, the brainy one. Luckily for us, we had Mrs Singh-Ali at hand who practically lives on site, seeing that her two young kids adore zoofari-ing and the adventure playground.
Now who can that zoofari guide be? Gee! that career suits you perfectly. All you need now is the khaki safari outfit, Zhara.

What a splendid outdoor experience this has turned out to be!  And see how well we managed to carry ourselves. "Can we do this again sometimes in the near future Mrs?" 
Well Maybe! 

Now what's that furryball of striped fur doing flat on its back under those overhanging branches of native bush?  Oh no! I don't think its your ordinary tabby ginger cat, Paisley, Mrs Naidoo.
Look! what's happened to its scratching post I wonder...