Thursday, 14 April 2016

Preparing for the grand opening of the Outdoor Classroom

Look who is the helping hand at getting the job done!

                                                  Helping out to paint the worm farm

Installing the Bug Condo in the Native Garden

             Installing the Bug Condo in the Outdoor Classroom in our native garden

Look at the Bug Condo or insect hotel/motel that our inquiry insect group from room 22 planned and designed for our Outdoor Classroom in the native garden behind our classroom.

"We carried the Bug condo carefully out of the shed" said Brandon.

"Look! I am standing  inside one of the sections where the insects will be living in," said Darren.

                            "Oh! This wooden framework is heavy," said Kat.

           "Thank you Bob for helping us to carry the Insect Condo, " said the boys.

                       "Gee! This bug motel is awesome and it looks like a bus," said Sela

                                              "Lift up together, guys, said Francois.

Here is the Bug Condo wooden framework near the holes where Bob and Peter are going to place it and sealed it in concrete.

Bob and Peter helped to fit the structure into the holes that they had dug.

 Thanks to Peter for lending a helping hand to install the bug framework with Bob and other students.

Bob turned the bug motel around so that the better side faces the audience. 

Then Bob readjusted the poles in the holes to make them straight.

Bob used an instrument to check if the framework was perfectly straight. What a perfectionist!

                                                              Adjusting the framework                  

Pouring in the concrete


We all talked about what kinds of bugs might want to come and live in this Bug Condo.