Saturday, 26 July 2014

Stepping Out 4 Disco Dancing in Week 1 of Term 3

We started off term 3 with a  stepping out Disco Bang! - where we shook, shimmered and jived to the beat. 

 Everyone joined in - the students in mufti, teachers all dressed & dolled up for the special occasion, even the DJ couldn't stop toe-tapping to the beat. "What a day it turned out to be!" said Harishna.

Pritesh, Kanye, Cortez, Pilimi, Tufele and Tupou were into it 100%. They were exploring and trying out dance elements such as body movements by using their fingers, arms, knees and feet at different levels and tempo. Some flocked like the birds of a feather and others shadow - danced with a partner. Some moves were fast and furious, others were slightly delayed but never boring.

"Here we go again!" cheered Chloe and Daina as they and twisted and swung to the beat, in the heat of the short 1 hour session while the next group shivering outside the hall, could hardly wait their turn.

When it was time to leave, we all felt very sad, but we were glad for the opportunity we had of 
"Giving it a real go!"  
So as we lined off we Hi - fived the next group and cried "Go 4 it!"

Dancing through the terms 2-3

On the last Thursday of the term 2 students from room15 and 16 shared their Carwash Dance at the Te Manawa shared assembly in room 17.
"Way to go Ananiel, Terri, Kanye, Margaret, Harishna, Lolo and John" cried the audience.
"See us do the 'windscreen wiper'  moves" called out Ananiel, waving the wet, green car washing cloth like a winning flag.

We all joined in the chorus ''Work! Work! Work your fingers to the bone!'' 
Phew! That was one- neck-jerking, back-breaking, knee-bending, muscle-stretching hard-out dancing from our cool crew from the middle syndicate of SPS.

To end it off, we sat and watched our very own favourite movie in which we were the STARS for once in our lives, while munching on snow-white popping corns. "This is better than the movies." cheered the  boys. What a way to end another awesome term -dancing with the stars!