Saturday, 20 August 2016

Using the outdoor classroom in Week 4 Term 3

   This is how we use our Outdoor classroom to play and care for nature's plants and creatures.
We enter out Outdoor Classroom through a secret wooden cupboard door during the school breaks to be close to nature and to learn from nature.

When our play and chores are over we exit through the same double doors and head over  to our classroom to continue with our day's learning.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bunny Chow - My Pepeha - South African favourite fast foods of my teacher in Week 2 2016

                         My teacher shared her Pepeha with us, followed by Meliame's, our buddy.

We were hooked with what her favourite take-away food back in South Africa,was. It was BUNNY CHOW.
"What is Bunny Chow, Mrs Naidoo?" Meliame Launoa wanted to know.
"Would you like to see and taste bunny chow?" asked Mrs Naidoo. 
"Yeess!" we all called out. So we had a Bunny Chow meal on the  5th of August which was our
 Fabulous Friday event.

 Here are some of the pictures of what we did to celebrate that fantastic event.         


 Here is Meliame's Pepeha:
                  Meliame’s Pepeha
Ko  Mt Wellington  te maunga
Ko  Pacific Ocean  te moana
Ko  Waikato  te awa  
Ko  Air NZ te waka
Ko  New Zealand-Auckland te rohe
Ko Tongan  te hapū  
Ko  Siasi-uestlinia te iwi
Ko Siasi Tonga te marae
Ko  Holika rāua ko Pauline ōku kaumātua
Ko Sione raua ko Leni ōku mātua
Ko  Meliame Launoa tōku ingoa 
My favourite take- away food is  chop suey