Wednesday, 16 April 2014

How to make a Pinata - Instructional Writing


Caleb planned and design an awesome Piggy piñata from the school journal Part 1/2/2010  'Pinata Day'. He made his piñata at home by following step by step instructions given in the text. He brought the finished product to school and did a splendid presentation for his classmates. "Wow that was special!", everyone screamed.



Harishna made a Nature Cat piñata with candy and stuffed it with hay. Her friends enjoyed breaking it up and sharing the candy equally with each other. "This is yummy!" they all cried out.

 Cortez designed a Raindrop piñata at home with support from Dad and middle brother. He used papier mache to mould it and he stuffed it with lollies and chocolates. It was a fantastic experience for all of us, we thought.


Teavali followed a set of instructions from her guided text and worked as a team with her Dad to gather all  the things that were needed to make Moko, the owl, at home. "This was a fun-filled experience for the whole family!" exclaimed Teavali.

Ethar used a balloon to make her Golden Egg piñata and wrapped it in newspaper. Thereafter she painted it with white paint and glued frilly bits of brown paper to give the effect of an egg. Next she made a hole and filled it with sour lollies. "These are tangy sour!" cried all the kids.

Flash Mob Haka of SPS


We are practising our haka steps in our school hall to make sure we do it perfectly for Sylvia Park Mall's presentation on Thursday.
But my teacher was absent and so Miss Sharlene Naidoo walked us to the mall to present Our Flash Mob Haka to the community.


  All the students were put in a square formation in 4 different sections. Teachers were assigned posts at the end of their class lines. We practised and practised to get our positions perfect.


Just before our final practise we had to practise to go into our lines in order that everything would flow smoothly for the final Flash Mob Haka.