Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It's worth the Fights 4 equal Rights T3 week1

                                                It's worth the Fights 4 equal Rights 
                                           How can we act to make a dramatic impact?

In term 3 we are learning about "What can we do to make school life fair for everyone in                                                                     room12?"

Here are some responses which we came up with:
                                   *Use the Class Charter and expect everyone to follow the 'rules'.
                                   *Share Stuff eg 1 computer with 4 kids, 1 ball per team, pens & pencils.
                                   *Have Mix-ability groups where clever children help weaker kids.
                                   *Teacher to work with each group twice a week.Also Vake who is at green.
                                   *Help newbees by showing them stuff around the school.

We talked about how -"Life is not fair in the real world".
For an example to get an opportunity to do something or to get a job - "It's who you know- not what you know."
Often we have to work in "grey areas" when we would really like things to be clear-cut which is either White (honest and true)  or Black (untrue/lies/bad) so that we can make a wise choice.

But we think that we are clever enough to work in our classroom where we can make the right choice, even though we have things or factors that make it quite hard (or complicated) to make a wise decision. Even when two boys- Bryan and Sahil- are in class, my teacher would choose the stronger boy, Bryan to help her carry the book boxes back to the junior resource room.
Hey! What's wrong with me (Sahil) ? I think, Why didn't she ask me? And to think I came in class first. Oh! that is very, very unfair. But she doesn't seem to see it that way.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Room 12 is having an exciting time in the last week of term 4. 
Here are some of the highlights -

                         SPS ‘Fun Run’

The SPS ‘Fun Run’ was a great bonding experience for the whole school and room 12 were the loudest to cheer for all the participants.

‘Maui and the sun’


The creative students of Room 12 dramatized the 

story of ‘Maui and the sun’.

Farewell Ms Karve

Room 12 wrote down their favourite learning memory in the memory bubble.

They gave a grand farewell to their student teacher Ms Karve.

 3 Way Conferences

Students are very excited to talk about their learning in their 3 way conferences. 

They are ready with their portfolios, just waiting for - 'GET,SET....GO' 

 Room 12 - Haoura Model

We went to see what the other classes did for their unit 

2000 and fit-teen

Room 12 will be ready to present

 their new learning next term :)

 Happy Holidays everyone!