Thursday, 11 April 2013

"Reading in action" by students in Room 15

Here are children who are happily involved in their daily reading in groups and with their buddies. After reading  in a group they go to their tables to  do  their reading follow-up activity which helps them develop their comprehension skills such as summarising main ideas in the text. Students have very quickly taken ownership of their learning and this is indicated in the way in which they are readily able to articulate their learning in a nutshell and in their own words.

Travel wise Expo Day

Travel Wise Expo Day

Our Action Plan: How can we slow down speeding vehicles at Sylvia Park School's traffic lights intersection?

We in Room 15 came up with 2 options that could slow down these speeding motorists. On Wednesday the 9th of April our school had an Expo day. This is where we got to present all of our hard work to our school, teachers, students and parents.
This is our finished 3-D Triptych model of our school and the traffic lights at the intersection. We have our 2 options on it as well. Option 1 Flashing yellow lights which you can see at the intersection, and Option 2 red intermittent lights embedded on the road with a buzzer at the crossing.
This travel wise group was apart of Option 1. Terrie, Nia, David, Abdul, Teina and Sylas.

This travel wise group was apart of Option 2. Sione F, Adina and Alyssa.
This travel wise group was apart of Option 2. Oceania, Margaret, Ayen, Zariha and Giani.

This travel wise group was apart of Option 1. Norry Armand, Janvi, Eneio and Izya.

This travel wise group was apart of Option 2. Darsha, Lolo, Nelson and Sione A.

This is one of our student teacher's Mr Smith who worked in our class during the week. On Expo day he helped our class to arrange our model and presentation in the Senior classes.

This is our other student teacher Miss McDonald, she also helped us on Expo day. She helped our presenters with their speeches and helped us to do our voting for each option.

Mrs Naidoo and our class all put alot of hard work and effort into our 3-D Triptych model. We were very happy with the results and ready to present to our entire school and community.

Our model was looking very colourful and attractive at the Travel wise Expo Day.

At Expo Day, we had our class room representatives inquiring visitors and asking them to vote for which Option they though was the best.

Visitors came and listened to our speeches about each Option and the dangers of speeding motorists.

We had all our information surrounding our model so that people who came to see our 3-D Triptych model knew everything that we were talking about.

We had some of our parents come and check out our awesome model at Expo day. They were very proud of all the work we had done. It was a fun day.