Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Putting our Learning in Action by setting up a Market Stall in Rm22 in Week 10 of term 2 2016

 Setting up a Market Stall in Rm 22  in Week 10 of term 2

The students in Rm 22 decided to set up a market stall in class in week 10 of term 2, to put all their LEARNING on 'Making our Idea Pay' into ACTION
 Students made  homemade fried rice, fruit kebabs, cookies, cakes, and some toys to sell at their Market Stall on Wednesday  6 th July.
 The food stall was their favourite station and who can blame them. Food yummy food!

The customers made their ONE own dollar notes to pay for their choice of food.
 Noema and Leoni were the first customers who paid $1 fake-dollar for a piece of cake 
or fruit kebab.

 Among the business entrepreneurs were Francois, Sela, Keleni, Salote, Lina,  Kat and Marina.

                  Haniel made a Do It by Yourself  Football Table Game for Market Day.

 Haniel found a awesome DIY Football Table Game from Tots to Teen magazine which she made at home by herself.

Here is Haniel's model of  her Football Table Game which students took turns to play.

 Look at how the students interacted with each other to buy and sell on their Market Day event
                                                                  Yummy food 

                                                            Delicious cakes and cookies

                                                     Scrumptious foods in the stall everybody
                                                                 Yummy fried rice

                                                          Here are our market foods

                                                                Yummy foods
                                                    We enjoyed our own homemade foods