Saturday, 9 March 2013

SPS Traffic Light Intersection Mural

  We have created a class mural on how to slow down speeding cars at SPS traffic light intersection on Mt Wellington highway. Children in Room 15 have created some questions on our topic to interview a stakeholder (eg Mrs Carol Yakas) such as:

1. Who is affected by speeding cars in our neighbourhood?

2. Do you feel safe crossing the road at Longford Street lights?

3. What changes would you like to see happen at the taffic light intersection to slow down cars that speed? 

4. What steps would you like us to take as a school to slow down speeding cars?

5. Do you think working with the police and the speed gun would help us solve the speeding car problem?

6. Would intermittent lights and a buzzer at the zebra crossing stop cars from racing through the orange light?  


                  X - traffic light intersection
                   SPS - Sylvia Park School

What is the relevance of our investigation?

Why have students in Room 15 decided to do an   investigation on speeding cars around SPS?

Currently Room 15 students are busy with information(data) gathering through statistical processes to  come up with possible alternatives to solve our class problem. 

This is the Mural map of our study area and we are looking at how speeding cars may affect stakeholders in our community.


Students are designing speed signs to slow down speeding cars at the traffic light intersection.