Sunday, 6 December 2015

Fitness Prototype models using Action Reaction forces

                                              Room 12's Fitness Prototype models for 2015

Tapout's prototype fitness model, the Multibars, was selected to be made into a real fitness equipment 4 the fitness course at SPS . 
To use the MULTIBARS you will have to hold onto the ropes that are attached to the two bars which is found on either side of the fitness structure. 
You will need to use your arms to pull your upper body as you do the pull-ups. 
And to do the sit-ups you will need to put your feet on the first step of the four-stepped ladder and lift your upper body up and down several times, until you feel a tightening pain in the tummy muscles.
Now to do the push-ups you will need to hold onto the bottom step and lift your upper body while  resting your toes on the ground. Do this several times until you feel a slight pain in your Abs muscles.

3D Handstand Bars is Kingkong's  prototype fitness model. 
To use this equipment you will need to sit on your haunches and hold onto the handlebars and lift  your body by bending your knees. To do the sit-ups you will need to lie on your back (on the cushy-mat) with bent knees. Now place both your hands behind your head and lift your upper body up and down several times until the muscles around your tummy feels sore.

                                                     Wonder Wall is Avatar's prototype fitness model.
 To use this equipment you will need to grab onto a rope that is attached to the Wonder Wall and climb up by pulling on the rope with both your hands. Use your feet to climb up the wall, step by step. To come down the wall, hold onto the rope and slowly walk  down backwards  until you get a painful feeling in your Abs muscles.

                                                       Super sit-ups is Cobra's prototype fitness model.
To use this equipment you will need to lie down on the ground, clasp your fingers together behind your head and  put your feet inside the Footbox. Then lift the upper body several times up and down, until your tummy muscles feel a bit sore. When your tummy muscles hurt you know that you are doing it right. Always remember to STOP when it hurts a lot.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Self- improvement can be seen as Action-Reaction Forces of positive and Negative aspects that affect our Learning.

Action-reaction forces can work together on a set of scales to replace negative aspects of our learning behaviour with positive aspects.

 Angele's Self-improvement scale showing that she wants to remove negative aspects and place them onto the positive side plate to make progress in her learning.

On the right hand side of the scale is a plate for all the Positive aspects we have developed in our lives, like our thoughts and good actions and great habits.
On the left hand side is a plate for all the Negative aspects we have allowed in our lives, like self-doubt, destructive habits, bad friends, bad/evil thoughts.

 Bella's self-improvement scale shows what her negative aspects and positive aspects in her learning are.

Our goal in Room 12 for term 4 is to get as many coins to weigh onto the positive side to tip the balances on that side. For example we need to do goal setting, hard work, develop positive work habits, be a team player, self-discipline to manage ourselves, train our brains to think positively to benefit everyone, share ideas, serve others, care and respect others and not waste learning time.

Haniel's self-improvement scale shows some of the negative things and some positive aspects in her learning.
We can see in  Haniel's scale that she might want to remove one negative thing  and place it on the positive side in her learning.

Look at all our self-improvement scales of learning in room 12.

Here is a model of how Isaac Newton's 3rd Law of Motion can be explained or seen as a set of scales.
This is where Newton’s 3rd law is in our favour.
Every time we succeed in moving aspects of our learning to the positive side (action) one thing is removed from the negative side (equal and opposite reaction) to help us make progress.

As you develop more positive habits you will notice that your negative habits are disappearing and as you are making progress in your life you are also leaving behind negative things that would hinder or stop you from improving your progress in learning.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Flight Thursday at SPS

                                Check out our paper plane try-outs everybody!

Wiiii! My plane went far and high, cried Imran

Our first Try-outs were done inside our classroom in groups of 8's to see how far our paper planes would travel.

Then we went into the school hall to take part in our Te Manawa team competition.
When we came out in the bright sunshine we asked Mrs Naidoo if we could try it out outside. Have a go guys, you have earned it. I got to name my plane too, said a few boys.

Watch me, here goes my paper plane.

Technology Day - Making paper planes that can cut and fly smoothly through the air

We loved making paper planes to show how one of Isaac Newton's laws of Motion works. We are studying Newton's 3rd  Law of motion.

Its fun making paper planes said Vake. I like this activity.

Yes we get to choose if we want to follow a pattern or if we want to create our own design. "That's great for me, "says Haniel to her group.

Designing Paper Planes

"Aren't we going to Panmure Basin to see the cool fitness machines?" asked Daniel. 
On Thursday in week 1 we felt sad and disappointed that we were not going to see the fitness things in the park.
But guess what we got to do on that day?

Yes! We studied paper plane designs in our inquiry groups. Each group got to choose which kind of plane they wanted to make.

After selecting our plans we talked about how we wanted to make our paper planes.
Some people wanted to add on and others wanted to change parts of it.

Not all of us agreed on which plan we liked so we decided to do our own plans and check how it worked by flying it.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Newton's Pull and Push forces of Motion

                                                                 Term 4 Week1 2015

We in room 12 were trying out some of Isaac Newton's ideas of how the pull and push forces work.

We worked with a buddy to pull and push with our arms and legs. It was fun learning how the forces work. "Wow this feels like being on a see-saw"  said Ayush to Elijah.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Starting our Rugby World Cup Research in Week 10 of T3

Research on Rugby World Cup 2015
Room 12's country focus in the RWC was Wales.

Nancy's group chose an inquiry question on Wales and they worked well on the internet to find  information  to answer their own question.

Francois and Kaleb's group members worked in small groups to find out about the players' uniform and gear from Wales.

We were fortunate to have Daina's Mum, Helli to support us in our inquiry research.
Thank you Miss Helli. 

Creating Math Games like Mult Magician and Factor Fingers in final days of Term 3

Here's the Mult Magician Game which we have created in our groups to revise our basic multiplication facts.

 This Multiplication Game is called Mult Magician by the teacher.

  The second Multiplication Game is called Factor Fingers by Bryan Nov. 

The third Multiplication Game is called Tunnels and tubes by Bella Pham.

Monday, 14 September 2015

We say farewell to Mr Adam Powell our favourite student teacher.

Room 12 developed a caring and awesome relationship with Mr Adam Powell who visited our class on Tuesdays in terms 2 and 3.

"Thank you Mr Powell for doing such interesting learning activities in inquiry," said Kaytana and Kaleb.

Mr Powell taught us the power of us being in the driver's seat of our learning and spreading our wings like a crane to soar up higher and higher in our learning levels in Maths and Reading.

We made interesting origami cranes which we threaded together to make a hanging mobile for our classroom in our inquiry groups. This was a fun activity and we enjoyed it. 

Look at our paper crane mobile hanging on a wire. This is just beautiful. Thank you Mr P.

"We will really, really miss you heaps Mr Powell. We wish you the very best in your next school. And we hope that the  kids love you as much as we do," cried all the children from room12.

"Good Luck Mr P and have a wonderful time in your next teaching class. You are the best student teacher," said the boys.

Costume designing group in Te Manawa in Week 9

                                               Our Costume designers at work in room 12

Emily and Launa-Jean worked on the feathered-cloak of Dame Whina Cooper. They laid the feathers in neat rows and used the glue gun to attach them to the blue material.

Noema, Khyani and Launa-Jean working on old black T-shirts for the poor Harriet Tubman's family.

Piata and Estelle-Eve worked together as a team to make interesting patterns on an old black T-shirt for the Te Manawa actors.

Alio and Rylah used coloured pens to create patterns on the black Tees.

Daniel, Clyde and Khyani worked together by sharing the jobs in their costume designing group.

Monday, 31 August 2015

Making Paper cranes for a Hanging Chime with Mr Adam Powell in Week 7

                            On the first day of Spring ( 1st September 2015) Mr A Powell 
showed us how to make awesome Paper Cranes to create a Hanging Chime for our classroom.

 Mr Powell worked with us in our inquiry groups by giving us instructions on how to make paper cranes. First he showed the Tapout Group how to fold the different coloured square papers into a bird called a Crane.

Noema from Cobra's Group went around like a butterfly to other groups to model how to fold the colourful squares into a beautiful Crane.

 Avatar's Group were fortunate to have Clyde to help them create their folded Crane. 
"Wow! Thanks Clyde, you are an awesome helper," said Brandon. 

 Meanwhile Kingkong's Group struggled along until Daniel and Kaytana worked well as leaders to show them, step by step, how to fold a Crane.  "This looks really great!" cried Vake.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Dame Whina Cooper was a courageous maori woman who fought for woman to be able to speak on the marae.

Dame Whina Cooper was a courageous and talented maori woman who fought for women to have a say on what is going on for the Maori people in NZ.

We found out that Dame Whina Cooper was first christened Joseph when she came into this world lifeless as a new born child. Her father sprinkled holy water on her to baptise her thinking that she was already dead. But guess what?

Immediately the holy water touched her skin she wailed out a loud cry. Then they had realised their big mistake which was, that she was in fact a girl not a boy. What a trickster Whina turned out to be? we all thought.

Dame Whina Cooper was a brave maori woman who was nominated by the maori community to address how maori women were not given equal rights as men to speak on the marae. It was  her uncle who had recognised that she was a talented speaker and could also inspire the women to fight for equal rights. She was also a spiritualist who had special healing powers to heal sicknesses and cure diseases among the maori people in her hometown. She also had divine spiritual vision to see into the future. She often saw visions of dead people who had passed away many years ago.

She grew up and married and lived in a quiet place in the bush area. She coached the rugby team of women and that was not a thing usually done at that time in NZ. She spoke about things that had to be done to improve the poor housing conditions of maori  people who got sick in their damp houses. She also said that the poor maori people should be allowed to go live in the empty state houses that were already built in the towns.

Here is our brainstorm on Dame Whina Cooper and the things she said and did to fight a courageous battle on behalf of women's rights in a male dominated/ruled country at that time. Way to go Whina Cooper! we  all cheered for this brave old woman.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Kate Sheppard's fight 4 Equal Voting Rights for woman in New Zealand -

Kate Sheppard fought for equal Voting rights for Women like what men have in NZ 

We did inquiry research on Kate Sheppard and found out that she was the first person in the world to start the Fight for equal rights for Women. She also made it possible for All Women to have a say by being free to Vote for whom they would like to run their country. After Kate Sheppard did that, it made it possible for other women all over the world to vote freely. 

Guess where you can spot Kate Sheppard's face? 

That's right, if you look carefully at a ten dollar note you will be able to see her staring at you-ah ah ah!