Sunday, 27 October 2013

Our first week swimming spree at SPS's portable heated pool

Guess where we have just come from? Yep! that's right, fresh from our very own portable heated pool located on the netball court near the flagpole beside the staffroom. We are geared for a swim safe programme and with the right attitude too.

To kick off we played a cool warm-up game of monkey crawl and 'Salmon says'  to  develop our confidence in the water. "Gee! I never realised that I could stay that long under the water and pick up objects and touch my buddy's toe."

" It's awesome fun playing tag with a buddy across the pool," exclaimed Kilipati. We were allowed to splash around BUT we had to do that quietly. Guess why? We are told that our voices echoes in the pool arena. Mrs reminds us to manage ourselves-now that is a real challenge for us. Come on, how do you expect us to have fun without expressing our emotions? I guess I might  use personal voice ah!

To end our 20 minute session we play a cool down game called jiggy to the left and jiggy to the right, turn around and reach for the stars. Yay! Then we are instructed to head for the steps, one at a time. Exiting the water is something  we hate the most, but  when we see the next class waiting eagerly to jump in - we give in. It's called considering others or I guess relating to others. We guess we've learnt that well by now or should have by now.

Ah well, we like to see our glass half filled, instead of half empty - there'll always be another time to have tons of fun.

Our Niuean performance in Week 1

Margaret and Zhara took part in the Nuiean Dance Performance in Sylvia Park School hall on Friday 18 October 2013. The wore their traditional cultural outfits which were predominately yellow as well as bright floral island colours to celebrate the special occasion with others.

Parents, students and teachers cheered for the host of dancers who performed gracefully for the audience.

The performers were a little shy yet brave enough to give off their best. Way to go guys!