Saturday, 5 August 2017

Leadership Term 3 How I can be the Leader in ME? Week 2

                                         How I can be the Leader in ME?
We are sharing our statistics data on Leadership roles that we took  in class like Follow the leader, Make pathways as a leader and frozen sculptures in a team.

 Mr Edwards asked some of us about what we were learning in Maths. Amber and Nekjot told him where we got our data from and how we recorded it on a tally chart and how we plotted the data on a bar graph to share with others. We also asked our buddies questions about the data.

We are sharing ideas and proofreading with a partner in a donut circle on a persuasive text that we wrote in week 2 -'Should children do homework'.

Look at Hayley engaged in her reading follow-up retell activity on 'Billy at school'. The teacher only supports Hayley to take ownership but she is keen to do her part in the learning. 
                                           What an awesome leader. Way to go Hayley!

 Presley blew us all away on conference night when he took the lead and showed leadership in talking about his learning without any prompting from the teacher. Keep up the keen attitude of driving your own learning! 

More  engaged groupwork in tally- chart work in Statistics. All of us take different roles to get the job or learning done.

We support each other in plotting leadership data on the Bar Graph to show the results clearly.

                               We love to work as a team but also be the leader in ME.

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