Sunday, 26 March 2017

Planting citrus Fruit Trees at SPS

Fruit Tree Planting on Friday in Term1 2017 

 First we had to find a suitable site to plant 2 citrus trees.

Then we went on a tikki-tour to look at the water harvester from which we will get water to water our fruit trees 

 Thereafter we checked out the worm farm from where we plan to get compost to plant fruit trees.

 It was really smelly when we opened up the worm farm.

 Then we looked at the wooden boxes where all the compost goes out from the worm farm

 Here are the two citrus trees that we were going to plant to add to the other 25 fruit trees already growing in SPS orchards.

 The big one is a lemon tree

                                                     And the little one is a lime tree

 Here is an example of fertilisers that Izna and Stevphayn holds up to help plants grow healthy.

 These strong boys helped Mrs Yakas clear up some big grasses to make space to plant the two little citrus trees.

 It was hard work that Friday morning before lunch.

 Holes had to be dug for the citrus plants.

 We used spades to shovel out the dirt and make space for the new trees
Heaps of work was done to prepare the space and the holes for the trees.

 Mrs Yakas is a great kaitiaki for the plants, trees and lawns at SPS.

 She showed the boys how to dig a hole for planting plants.

Meet Carol Yakas our very own Kaitiaki for our gardens at SPS

My teacher likes to talk to Carol but to us she is known as Mrs Yakas

What a Fabulous Friday for planting Fruit trees.

  This is how fertilisers look and feel like.

 This is how we planted the lemon tree.
 Then we pressed the dirt firmly around the tree to anchor it well in the soil.

 We are the proud kaitiaki of our citrus lemon tree.

 First we put fertilisers in the hole before planting the shorter lime tree.

 Then we planted it and patted the dirt firmly like so.
 My teacher used the handle of the spade to press the dirt around the lime plant to anchor it firmly.

 We enjoyed planting Friday very much.

 We are all looking forward to seeing bountiful lemons and limes in the future seasons.

 We said Thank You to Mrs Yakas for helping us plant the fruit trees.

  Noah and Harlem were chosen by our class to be the kaitiaki who water the trees twice a day for the next two weeks.

 They fetch water from our school's own Water Harvester. There's 2 of them, one in the Outdoor classroom and another one in the Juniors.
  Guess what soon we may have a water harvester in the middle school area. That will make it easier to water the plants around the school.

 Thank you Noah for watering me smiles Lennox Lime.

 Thanks Harlem I was really thirsty just a little while ago sighs PK Lemon.
 Great kaitiaki boys, keep it up!

 Thank you Raina for doing the survey of the and collecting data on our 27 fruit trees at SPS.

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