Monday, 19 September 2016

SPS Games Day Celebrations

         Today we celebrated our Olympic Games day with fun sports activities and chants

                                       Orange Team displayed the value of Determination


  We had fun doing Wheelbarrow relays with Mrs S. Naidoo from the Orange team on the field.

                                    It was very tiring but we enjoyed the relay activities.


Next we got into teams of  fours and we versed each other. There were 2 fifteen minute relay sessions for each colour team followed by a change to another colour team.
 This is how we took off from the start line.
 Here is how we handed the red, blue, green and black battons to our tag teams.

We had to remember to stay in our lanes and to hand over the battons quickly

to our partners- without dropping them. 

 The juniors relay runners were just as fast as the seniors

We had a fabulous SPS Games Day on Monday -with no rain to dampen our  champion spirits.

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