Monday, 19 September 2016

Chant afternoon with Te Manawa students

                Chant sharing afternoon with others from Te Manawa on the Senior court

We made a chant to share during the Olympic Games this year
Look at the flags were made

                                     We did research on google to find out about the Olympic games
In our inquiry groups we practiced some Physical and Emotional activities
Mrs Lal was amazed at how the Hauora model of Wellbeing or Wellness was being put into action while students were Relating to others in their groups. 
                                         Do you like our Focus and Levels in Frozen Sculptures?


"What an amazing job you all have done in integrating all 4 walls of the Hauora Wellness in one session!" said Mrs Lal , who comes in once a week to see how we learn in Rm 22. 
What an afternoon it turned out to be after all!

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