Wednesday, 29 June 2016

No-care Garden Terrariums to "Make your Idea pay"

An entrepreneur is someone who has great ideas and understands how to put those ideas to work in a business to provide a product like a terrarium that people will want to buy for their home and pay for it.

Our inquiry group made a terrarium for the Ideas Expo in term 2

When we finished our Terrarium we sealed it with clear tape to make it a closed
eco-system so it becomes a 'Self-managing' or 'No care' garden.

First our inquiry group went on a tikki tour around our Outdoor Classroom at SPS to find little pebbles, stones, bark, small dried twigs and soil.

Our teacher modelled how to set up a terrarium
Steps involved in making a terrarium
Seal the lid to make your terrarium a closed eco-system

This is what it looks like when completed

We worked in buddy pairs to make our own terrarium to add to the outdoor classroom.

First we cut a clear empty plastic coke bottle into half and we filled the bottom half with soil.

We planted one plant and some grass to support the plant and added half a cup of water to it.

Each pair took their terrarium and placed it inside our greenhouse to grow.

We had heaps of fun learning how to set up a terrarium and watch how a mini- Water Cycle works within a closed self-managing garden system.

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