Monday, 6 June 2016

Assembly Presentation "Make your idea pay!"

Here is our class assembly presentation in May

 We all sat on the stage to host our school assembly on 27 May 2016

 We put our assembly on a powerpoint slide presentation with images of our classmates. 
That was awesome.

Francois and Ayush were the hosts for our class assembly

Meliame and Khobi did the Current Events presentations

We interviewed a student on how to "Make your idea pay" and that was none other than 
Sahil Kumar with his hilarious 'Cinnamon Challenge' video. We laughed until our stomachs felt sore.

After the video we interviewed Sahil to find out how he makes his idea to pay real dollars.

Thereafter we sang our favourite song "Worlds Best".

Brandon and Lina presented the Sports Events.

It all ended on a fabulous note with Francois and Corteyziha wishing us an exciting weekend.

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